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When to Update Your Estate Planning Documents

You should review your Will, Enduring Power of Attorney and Personal Directive documentation the sooner of every five (5) years or after every major life event. This review does not mean you need to make any changes to the documents, it just means that you have reviewed the documents and conclude that your wishes have not changed. In the event they have, then you know it is time to update your documents.

The following are examples of "major life events":

  1. You change your name or anyone mentioned in your Will, Enduring Power of Attorney and/or Personal Directive changes theirs;

  2. An Executor (named in your Will), Attorney (named in your Enduring Power of Attorney) or an Agent (named in your Personal Directive) dies or becomes unsuitable to act due to age, illness, or has moved away from your jurisdiction;

  3. A beneficiary dies;

  4. You sell property which you have specifically bequeathed in your Will;

  5. You permanently move to another jurisdiction outside of your jurisdiction of residence (jurisdiction here means province or territory in Canada);

  6. You enter into a new relationship;

  7. You get married;

  8. You become divorced, remarry, or adopt children;

  9. You have children; or

  10. You have grandchildren.

If, after your review, you determine that you wish to change your documentation it is imperative that you DO NOT WRITE ON YOUR ORIGINAL DOCUMENTATION. Writing on original documents may result in your wishes not taking effect and you may invalidate your Will, Enduring Power of Attorney and/or Personal Directive. Instead, either seek the assistance of a legal professional to amend your documents or create entirely new documents to reflect your new wishes.

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