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Why 2023 is a Great Year to Make a Will

Over the past three years, most people have come to realize an inalienable truth: that life will eventually come to an end for each and every one of us. Covid 19 taught us that the world can change in an instant. Not unlike the instant change that losing a loved one can have on the lives of those around them.

Thankfully, most of the world has now returned to a semblance of what it was pre-pandemic and instead of focusing on immediate survival, people now have time to prepare for and focus on the future.

There has never been a better time to plan for the future, or better yet, create a contingency plan for the event that someday your life may change. Preparing a Will is one way to contingency plan. Creating an Enduring/Continuing Power of Attorney and a Personal Directive (also known as a Health/Advance Directive) is another way to contingency plan.

Both plans take the burden of decision making off your loved ones and prevent disputes amongst them in the event something happens to you. Without such plans, loved ones may become trapped in the legal system forced to resort to the courts for resolution and direction at a time when they are dealing with grief and shock.

To make your own Will, click here.

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